Sorry to hear that you dislike Discuss so much you won't be coming along 
there Alan.

I'd like to point out though that the decision to move to a forum was in 
fact not at something coming from a pointy haired boss but rather something 
we had discussed internally in the team for quite some while.

What we have found is that the lack of searching and categories and easy 
navigation on the mailing list made users, especially newcomers, ask the 
same questions over and over again. We in the core Akka team spend quite 
some time moderating and answering questions here and we want a tool where 
we (and others in the community ofc) can help as many users as possible 
with minimum effort. We think that the categories and tags etc. in discuss 
will help us do that. We also hope this will help reduce some of the noise 
in the Gitter channels.

In addition to that we also see synergies in bringing the Lagom and Play 
communities closer, this may be a bigger gain for those projects as they 
are to some extent built on top of Akka but it also brings benefits to the 
Akka community in growing it, hopefully leading to more people being able 
to help out and answer questions, that may previously have been lurking in 
the other two project mailing lists only.

I don't think this will change your mind, but felt that the picture you 
painted was a bit unfair and I wanted to clarify that this was a move 
driven by us engineers.

Johan Andrén
Akka Team

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