On 16/03/18 11:17, Johan Andrén wrote:

Sorry to hear that you dislike Discuss so much you won't be coming along
there Alan.

I've tried to use it and thereby over time come to like it, but it's vile and I won't use it unless I personally have a specific question that I need an answer for - I certainly won't be following the discussions the way I do on the email list. I've learned a lot about Akka by simply reading the email list traffic but I won't use Discuss for that - sorry.

What we have found is that the lack of searching and categories and easy
navigation on the mailing list made users, especially newcomers, ask the
same questions over and over again. We in the core Akka team spend quite
some time moderating and answering questions here and we want a tool where
we (and others in the community ofc) can help as many users as possible
with minimum effort. We think that the categories and tags etc. in discuss
will help us do that. We also hope this will help reduce some of the noise
in the Gitter channels.

I think the 'unsearchable email archives' is a convenient myth and that newbies will ask the same questions over and over anyway, irrespective of where they ask them. As for categories and tags - that relies on people actually using them correctly, and you have no way of ensuring that the wider community does. I've been on your end of this situation myself and we provided forums but in general technical people hated them and wouldn't use them, so they died. And the Discuss developers have already said they think email lists are an abomination and won't improve Discuss's support for them so the half-hearted and useless support for them that's there is not going to get better either.

It will probably reduce your workload but not for the reason you are hoping for - if the volume of interaction plummets then sure yes, your problem will have gone :-/

In addition to that we also see synergies in bringing the Lagom and Play
communities closer, this may be a bigger gain for those projects as they
are to some extent built on top of Akka but it also brings benefits to the
Akka community in growing it, hopefully leading to more people being able
to help out and answer questions, that may previously have been lurking in
the other two project mailing lists only.

I think you are going to be disappointed - if people don't contribute to email lists they are even less likely to do so for forums because it takes so much more time to use a clunky web UI to do so.

I don't think this will change your mind, but felt that the picture you
painted was a bit unfair and I wanted to clarify that this was a move
driven by us engineers.

It won't, and as I said I don't expect you'll change your collective decision either because you are way too far down the line to do so. However I think it's a huge misstep - I've seen no traffic on the mailing list demanding you close it down and replace it with Discuss (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/akka-user/discuss$20%7Csort:date - oh look, a searchable archive!) but you've done so anyway. The lack of discussion (pun intended) doesn't exactly send a positive message to your community.

Alan Burlison

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