"...are you going to try and build this?"

Only if we have to.

We are going to use the expensive handsets (that have accelerometers
and compasses) as prototypes to show an end to end people coordination
tool. On each step the use model will be made to work well using only
those UI elements that will exist on the target hardware, a $50

Then it is about persuading a handset manufacturer to make a
pedestrian phone for ordinary people.

Most of the early effort will be centered around making carpooled
commutes efficient and attractive. The commutes will work with phones
with no compass or accelerometer. Those instruments really come into
play for queuing and organizing people on foot - which is one of the
reasons carpools don't work right now.

So yes, for an end to end tool the pedestrian stuff has to work. For
pedestrian stuff to work you need reliable GPS like differential
location with compass function.

Inertial bridging to help a handset application select from location
choices provided by a not quite sure tower triangulation service (an
extension of this service where GPS coordinates are correlated to
other parameters that phones know:
goes a long way toward making a phone that works for people on foot.

On Jul 9, 11:03 am, whitemice <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> (1) I’ve never seen someone trying to do inertial navigation on a
> phone, but it could work temporally if you have 3 axis orientation and
> acceleration sensitivity, or are only handling a 2D problem domain.
> I just checked and unfortunately it would require a lot of messing
> around to get JavaME access on my N95 to try this idea out.  So I will
> wait for my first Android phone before experimenting with this idea.
> (2) Agreed, multiple positioning technologies make the solution more
> robust.
> (3) Agreed, but wait for the API to see what’s possible.  Google have
> so far been very quiet with important technical details like this.
> What’s your background, are you going to try and build this?
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