On 2006.05.17, Zachary Shaw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We're experiancing a similar issue at Brandeis University, but we get
> no error, our scheduled procs just hang. [...] we're running aolserver
> 3.3.1 ad13 [...] if I set the system date to may 12th or earilier all
> the procs will run.  otherwise they run for a little then stop.
> looking at the straces the difference appears to be in how the
> nanosleep is set for the pids.
> before may 13th nanosleep was in the form
> [pid   614] nanosleep({0, 344780000},  <unfinished ...>
> after the 12th there were nanosleeps in the form
> [pid   614] nanosleep({999999999, 934211000},  <unfinished ...>

Dave Siktberg seems to have narrowed it down to 2006-05-12 21:25.

What's interesting is I'm running AOLserver 4.0.10 on x86/Linux
with glibc6 2.3.5 with no OpenACS and all my scheduled procs are firing
just fine.

Can we get everyone who's experiencing this problem to provide a few

1) ns_info patchlevel
2) uname -a
3) glibc version

I'm betting this is an older Linux or LinuxThreads or glibc problem.  I
could be wrong, of course, but gathering this info will help to figure
it out.

-- Dossy

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