Zachary Shaw wrote:
before may 13th nanosleep was in the form

[pid   614] nanosleep({0, 344780000},  <unfinished ...>

after the 12th there were nanosleeps in the form
[pid   614] nanosleep({999999999, 934211000},  <unfinished ...>

This looks like a blatant clue -- to someone who understands this. nanosleep is a *nix lib command (, which makes me think the problem may not be with AOLServer. Simple-mindedly grepping for nanosleep through the ad33.13 source and the aolserver includes etc returns nothing, so the code isn't calling nanosleep directly. I wonder if this is a TCL issue, though grepping through tcl source also returns nothing. Hmm...

one additional piece of information.  It appears that our logs stopped rolling
on may 13th.

My logs are rolling just fine -- both the error and access logs. Weirder and weirder.

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