Regarding scheduled proc failures, I've devised a workaround to keep
scheduled procs running in AOLServer/3.3.1+ad13

First, find a date-time in the past which launches scheduled procs
successfully when AOLServer is restarted.  (Do this once.  For me, anything
earlier than 2006-05-12 21:25 works.)

Whenever you want to restart your AOLServer,
1) Set the system time to that earlier date-time (as root, date -s
"2006-05-12 21:25")
2) Restart AOLServer, watch the log to see when the startup process
3) Set the system time to the correct date-time

I've tried this on my development server and it seems to work.  Logs will
have incorrect times for the entries during startup.  Time-driven processes
that run before the time is corrected may get screwed up.

Anyone spot big trouble lurking in this approach?


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