We're experiancing a similar issue at Brandeis University, but we get no 
error, our scheduled procs just hang.

Some background, we're running aolserver 3.3.1 ad13 and scheduled procedures
stopped running on all 3 of our servers upon server reboot yesterday morning
(although I believe the problem began on the 13th but we only noticed it on the

I brought up Aolserver pointed to nothing but a file that schedules the ns_log

ns_schedule_proc 1 ns_log {Notice "hi p"}
ns_schedule_proc 2 ns_log {Notice "hi e"}
ns_schedule_proc 3 ns_log {Notice "hi t"}
ns_schedule_proc 4 ns_log {Notice "hi e"}
ns_schedule_proc 5 ns_log {Notice "hi asdf"}
ns_schedule_proc -thread 1 ns_log {Notice "hi asdf"}
ns_schedule_proc -thread 2 ns_log {Notice "hi a"}
ns_schedule_proc -thread 3 ns_log {Notice "hi sd"}
ns_schedule_proc -thread 4 ns_log {Notice "hi asdff"}
ns_schedule_proc -thread 5 ns_log {Notice "hi pasdf"}

if I set the system date to may 12th or earilier all the procs will run.

otherwise they run for a little then stop.

looking at the straces the difference appears to be in how the nanosleep is set
for the pids.

before may 13th nanosleep was in the form

[pid   614] nanosleep({0, 344780000},  <unfinished ...>

after the 12th there were nanosleeps in the form
[pid   614] nanosleep({999999999, 934211000},  <unfinished ...>

I don't know what to make of this though, it streaches beyond my frame of 

one additional piece of information.  It appears that our logs stopped rolling
on may 13th.

any thoughts?

-Zach Shaw

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