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> > Personally I think the proper resolution here is for the AOL team to admit
> > that this is a private project where they retain the right to do anything
> > with the public open source code.
> Dossy no longer works for AOL, so I think the group is more like "those
> who've been contributing in the recent past".  Though I guess the other
> two do work for AOL?

Michael Andrews no longer works for AOL, either.  So, Nate is really the
only one who is the "AOL team."

> Honestly, Tom, I don't think it's an intentional cabal, more of an
> oversight, the kind of oversight that isn't that uncommon when a group of
> folks work closely together.  They're not the first to forget there's a
> community using the code, nor to forget that community interests and their
> interests might not be congruent.
> Or perhaps simply to forget to communicate.

I think there are folks who use AOLserver on this list who know I've
made attempts to communicate with them (privately, off-list)
periodically.  I'm not very good at keeping in touch with people--matter
of fact, I still have ~4,000 messages in my inbox, the oldest currently
dating back to December 2002.

The reason why I reach out to organizations privately is because some of
them are building commercial products on top of AOLserver and may not be
comfortable discussing their needs in a public forum.  However, I
recognize the value in hearing what their pain points are and to try and
find some way to address them (hint: without people actively
contributing, it's hard to address anything).  I do realize that since
this happens "in private" there may be the illusion that it's not
happening at all--that the only direction and input to AOLserver comes
from AOL, but that's not wholly true.

There may be some groups that I ought to communicate with, or more
regularly with, and I don't--that's certainly a problem I need to

However, AOL has certainly contributed the most funding to the project
in terms of headcount over the years--it is only natural that most of
the contributions will directly serve AOL's needs.  I invite any and all
organizations out there who use AOLserver to fund their own developers
who will contribute to the project--get in touch with me and I'll set up
the necessary CVS commit access.

Don, what would you change to improve things?  Of those suggestions,
which could you personally do to help the project?

When I say "I'd welcome any and all help," I mean it sincerely--I need
the help.

-- Dossy

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