> The reason why I reach out to organizations privately is because some of
> them are building commercial products on top of AOLserver and may not be
> comfortable discussing their needs in a public forum.

Well, the way we handle such situations in the openacs community is that
changes go through an approval process which we've copied from the Tcl

So these things CAN'T happen in private.

The motivation - or the identity of a paying customer - can be kept
private, of course, but changes in core code that changes functionality
must be approved by core developers in a PUBLIC PROCESS.

The developer community around AOLserver is small, so informality's fine
IMO, but transparency is crucial.

And BTW, I recognize that you've communicated with the OpenACS community
as well as various companies, and that's a good thing.

> Don, what would you change to improve things?  Of those suggestions,
> which could you personally do to help the project?

Unfortunately my volunteer time is still allocated to OpenACS, so I can't
really offer to help on a sustained basis, though I did drop in and
implement virtual server awareness in ns_cache back when virtual servers
were put in.

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