So I guess this pretty much seals the deal we have kings in charge of the code 
and kings in charge of our speech. 

The only person who called anyone anything was Dossy, who called me a griefer, 
based upon his definition of contribution and his perception that he's done 
much more of it than I have.

Somehow this concept is not vulgar. This is the definition of violence. But 
maybe others don't quite get it. An analogy is necessary.

My wife and I provide 100% of the income for our family of three. We do 95% of 
the chores, all of the planning, buying of toys and clothes for  our child. 
According to the standards of this community, my daughter should never 
complain, never demand a little respect, never ask for some decent behavior, 
never wonder what is going to happen in the future. If she complains, she 
should be punished, maybe kicked out of the house, insulted, belittled, put 
in her place. Yes what a beautiful family we would have if we acted like our 
kings. I don't run my family like a democracy, but neither like a despot. 

Anyone who thinks I used vulgarity directed at a person, please reread my 
posts. I also never spoke of an indecent act as the subject, although I did 
use an analogy. Yes, still it was over the line, sorry for that, I'll refrain 
from that in the future. 

And in case there is any doubt, I do fully appreciate the programming skills 
of the AOL team, and if I didn't, none of this would have surprised me. 

Personally I think the proper resolution here is for the AOL team to admit 
that this is a private project where they retain the right to do anything 
with the public open source code. I'm not sure why the secrecy, or why they 
can't maintain their own unreleased version, or just setup a branch, but 
pretending to be a community and treating the voluntary participants as 
second class citizens is truely violent. Although everyone here could simply 
chose to not listen, they can't choose to ignore how their software works or 
doesn't work. Software listens very carefully, and misbehaves badly at the 
slightest error. 

tom jackson

On Friday 03 August 2007 07:06, Nathan Folkman wrote:
> I'm someone who can, and will, remove your subscription from this list.
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> > > Please watch the vulgar language - there's simply no need for it.
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> > And precisely who are you to say so?

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