> Personally I think the proper resolution here is for the AOL team to admit
> that this is a private project where they retain the right to do anything
> with the public open source code.

Dossy no longer works for AOL, so I think the group is more like "those
who've been contributing in the recent past".  Though I guess the other
two do work for AOL?

Which doesn't include me, I admit.  Though I did maintain the postgres
driver for years, by myself, and helped out with the oracle driver, and
more recently made ns_cache virtual server aware.

However I'm in no way a key contributor in the sense Dossy et al are.

Honestly, Tom, I don't think it's an intentional cabal, more of an
oversight, the kind of oversight that isn't that uncommon when a group of
folks work closely together.  They're not the first to forget there's a
community using the code, nor to forget that community interests and their
interests might not be congruent.

Or perhaps simply to forget to communicate.

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