On 8/3/07, Dossy Shiobara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The reason why I reach out to organizations privately is because some of
> them are building commercial products on top of AOLserver and may not be
> comfortable discussing their needs in a public forum.  However, I
> recognize the value in hearing what their pain points are and to try and
> find some way to address them (hint: without people actively
> contributing, it's hard to address anything).

Right here I think, whether the ideas are anonymous or not, listing
and communicating these requests need to be done. If you are the
single point of contact you'd need to somehow share this with the rest
of the community that is not part of these private conversations.

That would be a good start, I think.

I am from the OpenACS community and my main need is for AOLserver to
work as expected and not break backwards compatibility. I don't
represent the entire OpenACS developer community though, so others
might have other needs.


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