El 2018-02-13 03:54, Shardul Chiplunkar escribió:
Hi everyone,

We've now written all the scripts required for the migration. The
scripts and documentation are available here:

The only issue remaining is of backwards compatibility with the
SourceForge repository. Due to the technical details of SVN, we have
two options:

1. Using 'propset': (as an example) When a user checks out the top
directory or the 'incubator' directory from SVN, all the
subdirectories will actually be external pointers to the GitHub SVN
bridges for the corresponding directories, automatically using the
latest code from the GitHub repositories. However, when a user checks
out just the 'apertium-eng' directory from SVN, either the directory
will be empty or it will have yet another subdirectory called
'apertium-eng' pointing to the appropriate GitHub repository,
depending on what we choose to do. It is unfortunately not possible to
directly check out an external pointer in SVN. (Note: if we go with
this option, the HTTP interface at
https://svn.code.sf.net/p/apertium/svn/ would be effectively blank.)

2. If the above option is undesirable, we would simply not have
backwards compatibility and would need a clear, not-easily-missed
message wherever required that the SourceForge repository is not
updated anymore. It could be marked read-only or deleted altogether.

Both of these are horrible. So I propose that we just make it read-only for a year and then delete it.

In the meantime the migration crew (you, Sushain, others) will have the responsibility of fixing the ~1000 links on the Wiki so that they point to the right place and people don't get 404s or outdated links by clicking in the documentation.

​(P.S. As Apertium has been selected for GSoC this year (hooray!),
we hope this goes through as soon as possible before March 12.)​

I agree. Basically this goes through now or we have to wait another six months.


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