>> FWIW, any distribution which comes with a browser that doesn't do
>> something like LibreJS suffers from the same problem (or worse): users
>> will download and run proprietary software without even being aware
>> of it just by going to their favorite web sites.
> This is true, although programs delivered via non-free Javascript are so
> ubiquitous on the web and the demand for them so high the general practice
> seems to be just letting the user have this Javascript as it is
> expected behavior.

I know.  But similarly, most users expect to be able to use their wifi/gpu
card regardless of where the firmware is stored ("in hardware" or "in a blob").

Both are problems w.r.t computer freedom and ethics.  But for some
reason, most Free Software advocacy focuses on the "blob" part and turns
a blind eye to the JS part.


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