Chet Ramey <> wrote:

> > But please explain (character by character) why you create an output that 
> > is in 
> > conflict with the reference implementation (a patched ksh88).
> `Character by character'? Really?
> (And obviously the so-called `reference implementation' doesn't reflect
> the intent of the standard either, as revealed by the discussion.)

This claim does not match the general POSIX rules.

> Anyway, bash, in its default mode, treats embedded single- and double-
> quoted strings as special, and skips over them according to the "skipping
> over enclosed quoted strings" portion of the text in 2.6.2 that's been
> there since at least 1992.

$ echo "${foo-'a"b'"}"

This is a certified POSIX shell....


joerg@unknown:~/cmd$ echo "${foo-'a"b'"}"

behaves the same....

> In 2010-2011, I changed this -- when in Posix mode -- to not treat single
> quotes as special, but to retain the existing treatment of embedded double-
> quoted strings.  This is valid even in the presence of issue 221, which
> leaves the treatment of double quotes inside a double-quoted parameter
> expansion as unspecified.  Bash has never allowed double quotes inside a
> parameter expansion to terminate a double-quoted string that begins
> outside the expansion, so I wasn't going to start then.

If this was the reason for Bourne derived behave diferent from bash, they would 
not print a PS2 prompt.


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