Vincent Lefevre <> wrote:

> I cannot see in Issue 7 how they are supposed to be special here.
> And
> doesn't seem to change anything. At least, they are *not* special
> in dash 0.5.8-2.3 and in BusyBox v1.22.1 sh (ash):

This is a patched version from a distro and not the original.

> $ foo=abcdef; echo "${foo#'ab'}"
> abcdef

> but the other shells regard them as special:
> $ foo=abcdef; echo "${foo#'ab'}"
> cdef
> So, is this also unspecified like double quotes? Or should it
> be specified that they are special, in which case, dash / ash
> are buggy?

Good question....

$ foo=abcdef; echo "${foo#'ab'}"

joerg@unknown:~/cmd$ foo=abcdef; echo "${foo#'ab'}"


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