On 10/02/2009 10:24, "Fearghas McKay" <fm-li...@st-kilda.org> wrote:
>> I was basing it on purchasing a single copy.  Purchasing a site wide
>> license
>> for say 500 desktops would see significant savings.
> Which was Adam's point.

Indeed, the figures I included on the first email were just an example
>> The Home/Student edition is cheaper but that's not for schools to
>> use, it's
>> for the students to have on their own laptops which they aren't
>> allowed to
>> connect to the school wifi...
> ??
> Well I had better remove the copies off my son's desktop and tell him
> not to connect to his school network with the laptop...
> Really ? Do you have a citation for that? My reading of the licence
> didn't not include those restrictions on the Mac version, albeit a
> couple of years ago when we purchased the software.

The copy on your son's computer is fine, he is a student after all.  It is a
Home/Student Edition.  When I say not for School + mean a school could not
use it as a base install throughout their class rooms as it would be being
licensed to a business (the school) not an individual user.

As for connecting his laptop to WiFi I was being slightly tongue in cheek as
most schools won't let kids on the network with their own machine due to
security restrictions.

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