If the home/school copy works out at £33 each, you might as well look at
purchasing from www.theultimatesteal.com

Get office ultimate 2007 for £38.95 - I believe this is the second year
they've done it now as I took advantage of it last year as a student. It
certainly makes it a lot more affordable.

The one office I use quite a bit at the university has only open office as
the office suite on one of the computers. It's amazing how many people it
drives mad, to the point they refuse to use it and try to swap with the
person on the machine with the whole microsoft office suite on it. Perhaps
we have to start using these alternatives earlier on for them to be


2009/2/10 Fearghas McKay <fm-li...@st-kilda.org>

> On 10 Feb 2009, at 09:23, Alun Rowe wrote:
>> "Microsoft offers the OS and Office at extremely competitive prices to
>> schools.  I have heard it quoted as being around £5 per license for Office."
>> It is cheaper but not that cheap...
> At Glasgow University it used to be nearly that cheap - because there was a
> site wide licence students could get a set of discs for ~£10.  Which
> probably only just about covered the costs of the admin and the floppies.
> The current retail price for a 3 user Home/School use only copy is £99, inc
> VAT, so £33 a user.
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