Hello Mr. Dennis,

I am going over the book, "Programming the BeagleBone Black," (Monk 2014) 
and I found on page 110 a TMP36 software example with relating a P9 Header 
layout/diagram. I think I am connecting things correctly. I have done this 
example before but currently I am having trouble with the 2GB BBB and 
Debian Stretch.


P.S. I am trying to read a TMP36 temp. sensor to tell me Celsius and 
Fahrenheit on my command prompt. 

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 9:26:54 AM UTC-5, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 01:48:41 -0700 (PDT), Mala Dies 
> <fun...@gmail.com <javascript:>> declaimed the following: 
> >Hello, 
> > 
> >Okay... 
> > 
> >TMP36 to BBB: 
> > 
> >Pin 3 to 3.3v 
> > 
> >Pin 2 to P9_40 (GPIO/Analog) 
> > 
> >Pin 1 to P9_34 (GND_ADC/Low noise GND) 
> > 
> >I think this should help. I am making a temperature sensor tell me what 
> the 
> >temp. is inside for now. 
> > 
>         You still haven't answered the real question: why did you choose 
> set of connections? 
>         In my library, four (out of seven) Beaglebone books and two (out 
> of 
> nine) Arduino books used the TMP36 (a few others used the LM35 which has a 
> similar pin-out but different sensor range). I also downloaded the spec 
> sheet from your earlier post. 
>         NONE of these books show anything similar to your proposed 
> connections. 
> -- 
>         Wulfraed                 Dennis Lee Bieber         AF6VN 
>     wlf...@ix.netcom.com <javascript:>    HTTP://wlfraed.home.netcom.com/ 

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