On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 12:19 PM, Drew Viersen <96a...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Side note, it appears Thalaviar made mention of his way to correct the
> 4.14-ti kernel issues. his method was to :
> git clone https://github.com/RobertCNelson/dtb-rebuilder.git
> git checkout 4.14-ti
> git checkout origin/4.9-ti -- src/arm/am335x-boneblue.dts
> git checkout origin/4.9-ti -- src/arm/am335x-bone-common-universal-pins.dtsi
> make src/arm/am335x-boneblue.dtb
> This corrected the pruout/pruin pins that were set as GPIOs. one of the
> files was missing to rebuild it straight(if memory serves me, it was
> am335x-boneblue.dts). Not sure if this helps.
> The adafruit bbio library allows access to any of the pins, but does it with
> the defacto config-pin in jessie and stretch. meaning :
> https://github.com/beagleboard/beaglebone-blue/blob/master/BeagleBone_Blue_Pin_Table.csv
> any of them COULD be accessed by knowing the header/pin number. In an ideal
> world, that'd be the pin list, with the references to the BB, BBBL "pin" and
> the actual ball on the SOC. for instance, as it stands right now, any of the
> Analog Ins, isn't accessable at all. Being limited to check AIN5 and AIN6
> only via a C program is a pain. RCPY doesn't bring out the AINs at all.
> Show-pins shows nothing for them. they just don't exist. It can only be done
> in C, and with Libroboticscape. The rest of the pins on that list that are
> tied to a function in libroboticscape show up in showpins with a few bizare
> caveats(like motor 2 direction pin B), but have no way of accessing them
> because they aren't in any of the overlays. Libroboticsape does everything
> with them, setting them, and using them in low level programming. In a
> perfect world, the overlay would allow them to be brought out so we could
> use them with things other than LibRoboticsCape.
> The caveat to this is your prior fears would be well founded though if a
> universal fix for them would break the use of libroboticscape(and the
> battery monitor that relies on it and it's analog pin mmap-ing).

last i looked at 0.4.0 i think the battery/adc has been moved to iio..
that's why the adc was disabled by default for us.  now that u-boot
overlays work for the blue, the adc can be turned on..

> While we can't expect you to test everything, I can give you a few very
> specific examples where it completely breaks down using adafruit's BBIO
> library in either tyhe 4.14 or 4.4 kernels. Give the ADC or PWM sample code
> in the read me a try.

ADC and PWM are the fun one right now..

For the ADC, as long as you have a recent u-boot (v2018+)

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/version.sh

The adc can be turned off and on via an overlay:


#enables adc

#disables adc

the pru options are also available on the blue:



lib_robotics assumes the old non-udev-rule-able location..  i need to
fix that.. (it's just a different directory)..  This is what breaks
v4.11.x+ (a few v4.9.x kernels when i backported the pwm rule)



Robert Nelson

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