The last one that fully worked is 


but it only worked with RCPY and the default Libroboticscape C library. 

Not to rehash our previous conversations, but none of the versions 
including this version fully works with Adafruit bbio because it relies on 
config-pin to call pinsetting, and that's hardcoded for the nomenclature of 
"Px_x" in the /sys/devices/platform/ocp directory. While the overlay does 
bring a few of them out(P9_11, P9_21-31) that can be used, config-pin can't 
handle the "special"  ones like C18, D13, H17-18, J15, or U16 because of 
the special nomenclature. Nothing anyone can do here with those. Add to 
that overlays were disabled for the blue due to the libroboticscape 
handling assignments, which hasn't been updated to 0.4.0 yet so all of the 
other pins can't be addressed. DTB-rebuilder is an option, but I don't feel 
safe playing with it.

The prevailing concern for me and the the others who private messaged me 
asking if this was ever solved, is the ability to use python and the newer 
kernels. The websites still state the first thing that should be done is to 
update the kernels, and all of the newer kernels state compatibility for 
the blue. It's the first thing we do. again, not much you can do about the 
python situation. It's just Python unfriendly/incomplete.

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