On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 7:07 AM, Drew Viersen <96a...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Andy!
> Short answer. Only the 3/2017 image works correctly for Libroboticscape,
> RCPY, Jhonny5, and node-robotics cape. And even then with the node red, most
> of it doesn't work at all. RCPY is just conversion of the libroboticscape,
> but most of the functions aren't there from the libroboticscape. Newer 4.x
> kernels simply won't work.
> Long answer.
> The folks who designed the board use it for a class in a class at a
> university. As such, Robert C Nelson has disabled overlays for the Blue
> board. He also as of this point hasn't updated the code to pull out all of
> the pinmuxes in newer boards despite protests from several of us so far.
> again because he doesn't want top break the code the school uses if the
> board is accidently updated. The BBBLue also pulls out some pinmuxes that
> aren't standard on a normal beaglebone, and assigns them under a different
> nomenclature than a normal Beaglebone. This is important later.
> The libroboticscape library uses some older coding and very specific coding
> to perform some back end wizardry to handle the 4th encoder & the servos.
> this eliminates the ability to use them without the library. the Analog pins
> are also handled via mmap, which means you can't get to them from python.
> This library is also called for the battery checker. RCPY is another
> university class grade piece of code, and largely unmaintained as you'll
> find. unfortunately, to use everything and use it easily/correctly, this
> library is required. In python especially, there is no way to use the Analog
> pins, or even read from them. using the "State" in RCPY and in any of even
> the "C" examples is blocking, meaning that you can't run two instances with
> it, it'll close the first so the second. with some kajigery i was able to
> get some things out of it, right or not. it's working for me so far.
> Adafruit BBIO uses a certain nomenclature when setting pinmuxes. this is in
> the format of "P8_8", and it's hard coded. This is because the underlying
> software for setting the pinmuxes to do things is also hard coded for this
> style that the Adafruit BBIO uses under everything. the non-standard
> nomenclature of some of the pinmuxes means you can't access them via this
> python library.
> The node-roboticscape is based on an even earlier piece of code that's no
> longer supported by node-red. as such, most of it's corresponding functions
> aren't even available. Johnny5 looks for things exported to /sys/class/gpio,
> which aren't there because the overlays pinmux things instead. You can
> export pins in this directly, but all PWM is handled via pinmuxing and the
> PRUs.
> Between the 3/2017 and the newer versions of the kernal, the pru driver
> changed. so newer kernel functions for PRUs doesn't work correctly. This
> includes encoder #4, and all servo pins.
> Now, with all of the depressing things out of the way that inhibit the use
> of it on newer kernels, there is a newer version of libroboticscape in the
> works. how it will function is beyond me and the developer isn't responding
> to inquiries so far after over a month. it does appear Robert C nelson is
> helping them at least.
> I myself am not willing to give up on this thing just yet. I'm on the 3/2017
> kernel.none of the others work, or provide complete functionality, including
> the debian and ROS images. i'm not fluent in C and i bought this thing to do
> some fun things with my daughter, which means python for me. i've done some
> things to get the functionality i want and use a variety silly things to get
> it, but i can at least get some of the things needed to make it all work. if
> any of it is of interest to let me know, and i'd be happy to share what i've
> done to get it going. there are likely easier ways, mostly tied to learning
> how to create a better, more complete version of RCPY, but it's all well
> outside of what i know how to do on such a large scale.
> Thanks!
> Drew

Hi Drew,

What was the "last" v4.4.x-ti based kernel (uname -r) that fully
worked for you guys?


Robert Nelson

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