On 04/04/14 15:06, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> rhubarbpie...@gmail.com wrote:
>> Yes, I use startx.  My ~/.xinitrc file contains:
>> /usr/bin/numlock
>> /usr/bin/fluxbox
> I thought it should be startfluxbox.  At least that's what I had the
> last time I used fluxbox.  For now use this in ~/.xinitrc:
> xterm -g 80x40+0+0 /bin/bash &
> exec twm
>> If I remember correctly, I did test with twm prior to initially posting
>> the problem.  But I'll use twm for all future testing.
>> My guess is also xterm.  I replied to a post yesterday that I had tried
>> rxvt.  That's true, but in retrospect, I believe I brought it up from an
>> xterm window - hence, not much of a test.
>> What about xinit or startx?  Xinit is the same size on 7.4 and 7.5 but
>> startx differs.  I responded to another post that I have great
>> confidence in my ability to make mistakes.  That is unfortunately true.
>> I initially missed the libXft-2.3.1-freetype_fix-1.patch in the Xorg
>> libraries which caused problems with my xclock.  Xinit requires twm,
>> xclock, and xterm.
> startx is a script.  If you go to the bottom, you eventually get to the
> only line that means anything:
> xinit "$client" $clientargs -- "$server" $display $serverargs
> You can edit that file and add just before that:
> echo "xinit $client $clientargs -- $server $display $serverargs"
> Note in the xterm man page:
> xterm [-toolkitoption ...] [-option ...] [shell]
> One  parameter (after all options) may be given.  That overrides xterm's
> built-in choice of shell program.  Normally xterm checks the "SHELL"
> variable. If  that  is  not  set,  xterm tries  to  use the shell
> program specified in the password file.  If that is not set, xterm
> uses /bin/sh.  If the parameter is not a relative path, i.e., beginning
> with "./" or "../", xterm  looks  for  the  file in the user's PATH.  In
> either case, it constructs an absolute path.
>     -- Bruce
An update.  I again compiled rxvt, but opened it using my /.fluxbox/keys 
file.  All is well using rxvt.  My prompt is correct and the source 
command works.

This solves the problem for me and I'll simply continue with rxvt.

However, if you're still interested in solving the xterm problem I'll be 
happy to continue with whatever tests you suggest.  I do thank everyone 
for their help and suggestions.

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