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> On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 9:15 AM, Rceeberger <> wrote:
>> Repeating the call-out on the Culture list.
>> Are our Aussie friends doing OK?
>> We worry for you.
> Yeah... 96 dead.  Sounding too much like the Oakland Hills firestorm times
> 10.  Already four times as many killed.
> Very scary.
> Nick

The count is up to 108 dead this morning, but the toll is expected to rise 
considerably higher.

One of my brothers who lives on the outskirts of Melbourne, stayed with my 
sister overnight just in case, but the fires didn't head in his direction. 
My mother who lives in Cobram, 250km from Melbourne, and a long way from the 
fires, says the air there is very smokey.

Bundaberg in Queensland , where I live now, is south of the floods & well 
north of the fires.

Mildura in Victoria where I used to live is also a long way from the fires, 
but It was 48C there a couple of days ago.


Wayne Eddy 


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