Rob asked:
> Anyone know of a good way an 
> American can be helpful?
Probably not now. The worst problem in this kind of disaster is
logistics, not money.

Since December, the brazilian state of Santa Catarina - among
the richest of Brazil, probable comparable with any european
country in terms of Human Develpment Index - suffers major
catastrophic floods.

There were campaings to collect clothes, water, food, etc - and 
all the things that were donated were either stolen or incinerated,
as the problem was not that they didn't have them, but that these
goods couldn't get there - because the _roads_ collapsed.

I think the situation in Australia is the same. Those people lost
their homes, but they can pull themselves out of ruin after the crisis.
During the crisis, the best thing outsiders can do is try to
keep their roads free, and help remove them from the disaster area.

Alberto Monteiro


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