Is there a public article about this?   I know it's a recent announcement,
but I couldn't find the article.  I'm not doubting the article, just wanted
to share a link with some friends about it.

BTW, I've wondered if some form of stenography could be used for software
development.   In my mind, it would make sense to just program directly in
a kind of Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) from the beginning - why bother with
all the syntaxic sugar and peddling ascii text characters around a file to
form a program.   So now I wonder if "building" a program using an AST
might be possible in VR.. you "grab" a FOR loop virtually from a box on the
left, add it to your program tree, and build out from there decorating the

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> Museum Staff Helps Exonerate David Veney
> January 19, 2023, Hunt Valley, MD — Staff members of the System Source
> Computer Museum recently completed a project that helped exonerate David
> Veney, wrongly convicted of rape in 1997. In 2005, after Mr. Veney sought a
> new trial, the state found irregularities in the prosecution, released Mr.
> Veney from prison, and declined to re-prosecute.

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