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And back on the stenography-keyboard like thing -- what about morphing
keys?  If a keyboard had actual screens on the keys, and the keys change
(the actual symbol) based on the context of whatever you're doing.  I know
we have macros and reprogrammable keyboards, but morphing the actual symbol
on the keys might be neat.

I think a whole new redesign of the keybord is needed, mostly for accent
marks. And no, none of this icons for faces and other crap like print screen. (PS2 please for old computers)
All the good ideas are here.

Also, does any processor support a dynamic instruction set?  I've wonder if
some instruction-set optimizer might find improvements by indicating your
program could be executed more efficiently if such-and-such instruction was

Where is is the IMPLES logic function? EQV?
Lets get updated from 1960's algol, bfore even talking about new stuff, like lower case latin letters.
That includes the keyboard and display.

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