I thoroughly enjoyed* Darkest Hour* in spite of the artist license taken 
that has been previously discussed. Did anyone else notice that in the 
various scenes where Churchill was drinking whisky, he was portrayed as 
drinking it neat--the rich scotch color prominent in his glass? This goes 
along with the misperception of the uninformed that he was an alcoholic. 
Churchill usually drank weak whisky and sodas (a splash of whisky and a 
predominance of soda, all without ice) and the color of the libation in the 
glass should have reflected this. As the sun is over the yardarm somewhere 
in the world, I think it might be nice to emulate the great man at this 
moment. Cheers.

Larry Kryske
Author of *CHURCHILL Without Blood, Sweat, or Tears* (now available from 
online booksellers)

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