This raises another point which is and has been the DNS version does not and has not meant there was an update to the daily CVD file - just that the cdiffs exist to update the users' local copy of the CLD to the current version using a reliable and efficient signed process. This only ever mattered to people with private local mirrors but there have always been private local work-arounds to what is largely not a problem so much as an inconvenience. Security and convenience have an inverse relationship.


On 12/15/18 11:55 AM, Joel Esler (jesler) wrote:
When Sourcefire acquired ClamAV "back in the day", we stopped accepting 
donations, as accounting for them on a corporate revenue side is more of a hassle than it 
is worth, so we just support it out of pocket.

That being said, this thread is long and I wanted to reply to is.

What if I flushed the daily.cvd cache every time we publish?  Hm...
Pointing everyone at cloudflare is an interesting idea, may be expensive for me 
though (since I pay for cloudflare from my budget).

Interesting discussions points here...

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