On 12/04/2015 10:05 AM, Michael Scott wrote:
> The build tree is selected by changing the source directory setting in 
> the GUI right?

Actually when one choose a build tree it will locate the corresponding
source tree automatically if both exist.  Selecting the source tree
may be followed by creating a new build tree so that direction does
not happen automatically IIRC.

> Adding in one toggle would be fine, but I imagine that when we come to 
> adding support for upgrading warnings to errors, the additional two 
> checkboxes would be a bit much. I was thinking of perhaps instead having 
> just one entry in the options menu, which opens up a sub-window which 
> contains the group of message related options.

Yes.  Please move the -Wdev options there too.  Actually since it is
a property of the build tree selected and not of the overall session,
perhaps the button for these settings should not be in the menu but
in the dialog box somewhere below.


P.S.  Your mailer broke the thread again.


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