If you have strong diesel smells in your cabin, especially when you open up the 
boat after a few days and go below, you probably have a leak(s) somewhere in 
your fuel system.  Check everything from the fill hose, around the engine to 
the return hose.  When I first bought my boat there was a strong diesel smell 
and I discovered the bottom of the fuel tank had some severe corrosion with 
tiny pin holes and the wood nearby was saturated.  Also found a very rusty 
steel putty knife / blade wedged under the tank that seemed to set up the 
corrosion – dissimilar metals and all…   


While good ventilation is key to resolving a host of issues as others have 
mentioned, in this case you may be treating a symptom and not the cause.  Same 
can be said for strong head smells: find the source [usually old hoses] and 
resolve that; the air will be much clearer.  


Good luck



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I actually Have 2 of these on board 😊   but did not run them thru winter on the 
hard My bad !  definitely should have 

It’s the diesel small I want out so thinking solar hatch vent will work ! 


John Conklin


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