HI from unfrozen Nova Scotia. YEAH !

Although a different boat, the tray height issue may be similar to mine.

LF38 by the way.

My traveller sits in section of 4” channel with very deep flange height, which 
would have precluded the planned Harken traveller working.

I bought a piece of piece of 3/8” thick UHMW from local plastic vendor, cut to 

This along with longer bolts brought the traveller up high enough.

I have no camcleats on the traveller or end controls, but lead the lines to 
camcleats on the aft edge of the cabin top.

And with long enough lines, can adjust the traveller from the helm.

I saw an article somewhere of a chap who had one continuous line for both 
controls. After a year of using the new traveler, I intend splicing the lines 
into one piece. Then I can hook it over the Stainless Edson frame, within easy 

I have made a lot of improvements to the boat since I bought it. E.g. lazy 
jacks, 4 reef blocks on the boom on a track, 4 reef clew lines led aft, boom 
vang, etc.

Have to say that the single best improvement was changing out the traveller. 
The Harken unit can be dropped down and  pulled up from the helm under load in 
30knots, and along with the topping lift, gives amazing control of twist in the 

Almost feel like I’m racing……J





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Hello from frozen Michigan.  I am still spending my kids' inheritance on deck 


Question for 35-3 owners or others:  Has anyone replaced the aging Schaefer 
main traveler?  What advice might you offer...Defender has a sale on Lewmar 
traveler kits, size 2 which would offer enough capacity for us.  But...I am not 
at the boat, and wonder if the aluminum traveler bridge that houses the current 
track will allow the change to Lewmar?  Appears that the car-mounted cam cleats 
might be obstructed by the bridge "tray" height in the mid-section.  The Lewmar 
track appears lower in the pictures.  Current Schaefer setup has outboard 
mounted cam cleats.  

Any advice on replacement traveler selection?   


PS...Ice fishermen are still driving trucks to shanties on Hessel Bay. Yech.



Chuck Saur


​Morning Sky C$C 35-3


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