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Sunku Ranganath

Collectd has no active developers, has no active maintainers, has no publicaly active Owner. face it. Team did all possible to terminate development, while you  try to do the opposite.  I think, your try will have no success (you simply has no appropriate permissions on GitHub project), don't waste your time, guys.

I think, you will have nothing good to release in nearest, simply because nobody is interested in PR's merging, no matter how useful the changes.  Only destroying changes accepted freely.

Thanks for sharing, Sunku!

Pavel, yes and no. The reason why we have this discussion here is, that
previous(*) most active developers are now busy with other stuff.

You wouldn't see the noise here, if there wasn't any interest or if there weren't companies interested both using and also having people contribute to collectd. It is not the question if someone contribute, but the question: how do we organize that.

The code-owners proposal octo proposed last year, and which we tried, is part of it. We were facing a decreasing number of people doing code reviews. Part of the issue is, that only a few people are really familiar with certain code, which makes "code-ownership" more appealing, since that also defines subject matter experts for plugins.

The implementation should be fine tuned in such a way, that "trusted contributors" could also push the merge button for code involving these certain plugins, which were owned by code-owners.

iirc, there is this workaround to force-merge the code via command line,
but that would also circumvent CI checks, but I agree, this is different from pushing a merge button.


(*) whatever previous means here, that can be months, years,...

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