On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 07:26:44PM +0700, Pavel wrote:
> 19.07.2019 18:35, Sebastian Harl пишет:
> > Again, I fully understand your frustration and agree with you that
> > things have not been going well which is why we're working on improving
> > them and fixing the policy and processes.
> "we're working" ... "improving"... I see all the results of "improvements"....
> > Based on your responses, I believe you're still very interested in the 
> > project
> I just don't like to throw away the results of my work.
> And I just use Collectd on my servers.
> > and it's goals and I hope that we can work together on finding an 
> > appropriate path forward.
> I don't know what are the goals and who really works on project.
> I see only several contributors, which permissions are same as mine was.
> Me and these people unable to tune project direction, we can only put new
> own PR or merge another's PR.
> > Do you think the proposal is going into the right direction? Did
> > Matthias's change fix the most immediate issue at hand around code
> > owners?
> Your question shows the real depth of the analysis of the problem and depth
> of control over what is happening.
> I already answered in #3224: I can't check this. Also, @rjablonx left his
> comment too, about additional actions which are required.
> However, again, I dont think this is "direction". This is "patch" only,
> which tries to glue broken communication.
> Such a patch does not make a thing brand new, and you will not go into a
> decent society in it.

I consider the proposal[1] a first (but important) step to hand more
"power" to the community at large, to allow more active contributions
from multiple parties and ultimately make it easier for others to
influence the project. My personal involvement is currently limited to
trying to fix the low level organizational aspects of all of this to
enable further work on top of that.

What do you think is missing to make this a more compelling and
impactful proposal rather than just a "patch"?



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