On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 03:21:00PM +0700, Pavel wrote:
> 18.07.2019 14:20, Matthias Runge пишет:
> > Pavel, yes and no. The reason why we have this discussion here is, that
> > previous(*) most active developers are now busy with other stuff.
> They found time to implement very strict checks to stop development, and
> went into the sunset.
> Excellent, isn't it?
> > You wouldn't see the noise here, if there wasn't any interest or if
> > there weren't companies interested both using and also having people
> > contribute to collectd. It is not the question if someone contribute,
> > but the question: how do we organize that.
> You have permissions to do this on existing Github project, or you plan to
> do FORK?
> As we have no any feedback from Owner, I don't think you have options to
> implement your interests or do any even minor changes in project policies.

I understand the frustration here but I'd like to remind you that many
of us are working on collectd in their "spare time" and life can get
into the way of that. That's what this proposal is intended to address.
There is no plan to fork the project but to improve how it operates so
that it scales to the community of today. There may have been missteps
(like the codeowner change) but those were done with the best intentions
to address this exact issue and I'm confident that hurdles can be
resolved (and they may already be resolved in that specific case).

This proposal was not done in isolation. It's a collaboration between
the three involved people (from different parts of the community) and
with input from Florian as well. We would like to learn what the larger
community thinks about it, so if you have feedback, please let us know
on the document or via email if you prefer that. We have a plan for how
to implement it but first we need to find consensus on *what* to
actually implement. We cannot change the past but we can improve the


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