19.07.2019 18:35, Sebastian Harl пишет:
Again, I fully understand your frustration and agree with you that
things have not been going well which is why we're working on improving
them and fixing the policy and processes.

"we're working" ... "improving"... I see all the results of "improvements"....

Based on your responses, I believe you're still very interested in the project

I just don't like to throw away the results of my work.
And I just use Collectd on my servers.

and it's goals and I hope that we can work together on finding an appropriate 
path forward.
I don't know what are the goals and who really works on project.
I see only several contributors, which permissions are same as mine was.
Me and these people unable to tune project direction, we can only put new own PR or merge another's PR.

Do you think the proposal is going into the right direction? Did
Matthias's change fix the most immediate issue at hand around code

Your question shows the real depth of the analysis of the problem and depth of control over what is happening. I already answered in #3224: I can't check this. Also, @rjablonx left his comment too, about additional actions which are required.

However, again, I dont think this is "direction". This is "patch" only, which tries to glue broken communication.

Such a patch does not make a thing brand new, and you will not go into a decent society in it.

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 05:19:56PM +0700, Pavel wrote:
19.07.2019 16:49, Sebastian Harl пишет:

I understand the frustration here but I'd like to remind you that many
of us are working on collectd in their "spare time" and life can get
into the way of that. That's what this proposal is intended to address.
I want to remind YOU that many of us working on Collectd in ours _spare
and Team SHOULD do all possible to facilitate the work of people.

But I see the opposite.


There is no changes in "policy" for 5 months.
There is no feedback.

Maintainer is ignored. Maintainer is unable to merge own changes.

If you ignore your maintainers, you will not found support from community
and project will dead.

There is no plan to fork the project
What would be strange to hear about fork plans from person with email in
@collectd.org domain.
 From person of Team who implement destroying changes.

but to improve how it operates so
that it scales to the community of today. There may have been missteps
(like the codeowner change) but those were done with the best intentions
to address this exact issue and I'm confident that hurdles can be
resolved (and they may already be resolved in that specific case).
There is russian proverb: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions",
originally english "Hell is full of good meaning and wishings".

Again: There is no changes in "policy" for 5 months.

Great improvement: forbid to _maintainer_ / active developer merge his

This is your thanks?

This proposal was not done in isolation. It's a collaboration between
the three involved people (from different parts of the community) and
with input from Florian as well. We would like to learn what the larger
community thinks about it, so if you have feedback, please let us know
on the document or via email if you prefer that. We have a plan for how
to implement it but first we need to find consensus on *what* to
actually implement. We cannot change the past but we can improve the
IF you implement one change per half-year.....
IF you (will) answer to feedbacks, received on changes, after half-year of
silence from your side.....
IF you merge pull requests after years of ignoring .....

I have no comments about "project" growth then.

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