19.07.2019 20:14, Sebastian Harl пишет:

I consider the proposal[1] a first (but important) step to hand more
"power" to the community at large, to allow more active contributions
from multiple parties and ultimately make it easier for others to
influence the project. My personal involvement is currently limited to
trying to fix the low level organizational aspects of all of this to
enable further work on top of that.

What do you think is missing to make this a more compelling and
impactful proposal rather than just a "patch"?

I have no time and desire to read this document.

About "patch":

Sebastian, what do you think about Matthias comment:


For me, that is one of real problems, existing right now.
Instead of solving his tasks, developer fights against CI.

Other problem is: permissions for contributors and maintainers (if any exists).

Other "problems" what are you try to solve _now_ - is a patch.
You might spend months before "Collectd Release Process Proposal" will be accepted "officially",
while development process *tries to go* right now.



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