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The thing is, and the reason for sharing this with the community, is that PMC's and communities need to watch out for this sort of thing in your own community. Don't wait for the situation to get critical. PMCs and PMC Chairs can intervene and should rather than watch a community tear itself apart.

I was an Avalon PMC Chair that had to deal with these issues, and what happened back then - that is two years ago - is remarkably similar to what has happened till Avalon's closure.

If I were in the same position now, I would have been more resolute in pushing the community split. Time and non-intervention have only perpetuated problems, if not made them worse. As the saying goes, "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

So, to answer Stephen's question, communities are most important in the decision process, but individuals need to step up and step in when a community breaks down.


I can't agree more.

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