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> Stephen McConnell wrote:
> > When you say "and the two container factions that chose not to 
> > participate with everyone else" you are implying and active choice?

> > Do you believe that the Avalon community was presented with a 
> > choice?
> Yes to both.  And multiple of each over extended periods of time.
> > Secondly, do you believe that the Metro project was established on 
> > the premise of "non-participation" or was "pastures that permit such

> > behavior" just an unfortunate turn of phrase?
> My reference was to the choice by the Metro project to go elsewhere, 
> where the leaders can make decisions without needing to cater to 
> competing or conflicting voices from an established community, rather 
> than to keep Metro within the ASF, and within the bounds of our 
> decision making processes.

Thank you for that clarification.

Concerning our decision making processes, I have a couple of

  * What do you think is the role of a PMC in our decision 
    making process?

  * Within our decision processes, what do you think is more 
    important - the community or the individual?


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