Now the partyÂs over
IÂm so tired

[ ... as probably everyone else here ...]

Then I see you coming
Out of nowhere

[ ... Is this you, Stephen? ... ]

Much communication in a motion
Without conversation or a notion

[... Yep ...]

When the samba takes you
Out of nowhere
And the backgroundâs fading
Out of focus
Yes the picture changing
Every moment

[... Yep ...]

And your destination
You donÂt know it

[... That guy must be a clairvoyant...]

When you bossa nova
ThereÂs no holding
Would you have me dancing
Out of nowhere

Comments in [] by me, with apologies to Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music.

Now, can we please lay this thread to rest? What good is it for? Just to
prove "I was right"?


(This was meant to be a funny/ironic comment. Come on, these lyrics are
more than twenty years old... )

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