On Tuesday 21 December 2004 11:19, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> Greg holds to the
> opinion that the appointed Chair is the PMC and that the members are
> simply an artificial construct.

Before anyone is requesting the quote where Steve get that notion from;

which is an IRC session regarding the fork/transfer/something of Phoenix to 
James, via an SVN import into Avalon's SVN space. Everyone is aware that this 
IRC session is logged and available to the public (before people hammer for 

Following quotes from Greg Stein (and one McConnell);
(12:10:11) gstein: mcconnell: aaron *is* the PMC
((12:46:05) gstein: the members of the PMC is an artificial construct created 
by the Chair
12:48:15) gstein: mcconnell: the board expects a PMC to operate in a consensus 
(12:48:38) gstein: but when a PMC *cannot* operate in a consensus fashion, 
then the Board leaves it to the Chair to figure out the right solution.
(12:52:47) gstein: if Aaron wants to ask the PMC, then he can.
(12:57:17) mcconnell: then don't ask aaron for an opinion because aaron has 
not talked with his PMC MEMBERS
(12:57:29) gstein: mcconnell: doesn't matter to me. that's up to him.

In my personal opinion that also seems to suggest that committer and/or PMC 
vetoes are also of no interest. The PMC Chair is an ultimate decision maker 
(at least in the view of Greg), who from time to time decides how to deal 
with disagreements.

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