denis wrote:
Watching a lot of videos about Openmoko and the GUI I saw that it is
very slow and yards away from being "snappy". (regarding the application
startup and the acting inside an application) I know that speed is not
the priority thing in developement  at the moment but how fast and
"snappy" can the Openmoko GUI using GTK get?

I think this will improve with the new faster CPU.

Seeing the difference between the Nokia 770 and the Nokia 800 (faster CPU), this will make a great difference. Especially considerung that OpenMoKo and Maemo use very much the same technology.

But you are right at some point.
Having a true multitasking os with memory management and the like and a display abstraction layer like X servers is completely different from dump devices like (old) palm with neither of them. *g*

And as you said. The sofware is not optimised yet.
I would say the device has enough horse power and most important enough RAM to run smoothly eventually.

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