Michael Shiloh wrote:
> We are well aware of software changes we need to make in order to
> improve battery and have simply not had the time to do this. You can
> expect much better battery life when we implement these changes.
> that my very simple testing suggests should last for well over 12 hours.

Twelve hours is great compared to the five the GTA01 gets now, but it's
maybe a third of what I'd consider to be the absolute minimum for a
usable phone.  Can you give us an idea of how many hours of "talk" and
"standby" you expect the phone to provide once all of these planned
changes have been made?

I want an OpenMoko because I want to carry a computer in my pocket.  I
want to run cron jobs that fetch content from the web.  I want to use it
as a wifi web browser.  I want to turn it into a gps cycle-computer.
And I want it to be my phone, which means that when I've done all of the
above, it needs enough battery left at midnight to call a tow-truck when
my car breaks down.

My Treo 650 has an 1800 mAh battery, and even when it was new I never
got more than three days off a full charge.  Now that it's a few years
old, I can barely make two days.  If the GTA02 needs charging every day,
after maybe a year the battery will be aging, and won't even last a
whole day.  That's not going to be very practical.  Are you guys sure
that 1200 mAh is going to cut it for what amounts to a portable computer?

      Dirk Bergstrom           [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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