On 14/02/2008, Michael Shiloh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks Kyle for a great summary of the work being discussed on the
>  kernel ML. I am simply not able to keep up with all the lists and very
>  much appreciate your helping out here.
>  Michael

indeed, thanks for the info kyle.

i've been avidly following the dev cycle of the software/hardware
here, and it's good to see some technical info from the kernel ML, 95%
of which is over my head

would it be possible for someone - michael, kyle? - to give an update
on this kind of info on a regular basis? i'm sure there are plenty of
others eager for technical progress, but who are unlikely to venture
on the kernel list?

>  Kyle Bassett wrote:
>  > I have been following the "Suspended Mode" thread in the kernel ML and
>  > they have made amazing progress within the last week.  As GTA02A5
>  > currently stands, a "cold" suspend mode (just GSM in standby awaiting
>  > incoming call/sms), could result in >20 days of standby!
>  >
>  > For those technical people on this list, they have gotten GTA02A5 in
>  > suspend using ~2.07mA @ 3.7v (fully charged batt).  If the GTA02 will
>  > have a 1200mAh battery, that's ~24 days of suspend runtime in a perfect
>  > world.  The goal is set around 1mA-2mA of suspend current draw, with
>  > best case scenario suspend time of ~50 days (sure beats 4 hours... :-P
>  > ).  There are also issues such as internal battery discharge, ~30% over
>  > 90 days for one of the packs that is being considered, which will reduce
>  > the final suspend runtime available.
>  >
>  > Currently, work continues attempting to shave even more power
>  > consumption from a sleeping Freerunner.  Individual power consumption of
>  > the different internal devices is still taking place, that way any user
>  > can approximate their battery lifetime (but each internal device has a
>  > few different states, making this a tedious task).  In the very near
>  > future, we should see some numbers coming in about the "talk" runtime,
>  > once some GSM power state issues are resolved.
>  >
>  > There is talk about pushing startup power control of the internal
>  > devices (wifi, bt, gps, mmc, etc.) to user level, as every user may or
>  > may not want certain devices available at bootup/all the time
>  > (availability vs. duration).

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