Am Do  14. Februar 2008 schrieb Kyle Bassett:
> I have been following the "Suspended Mode" thread in the kernel ML and they
> have made amazing progress within the last week.  As GTA02A5 currently
> stands, a "cold" suspend mode (just GSM in standby awaiting incoming
> call/sms), could result in >20 days of standby!
> For those technical people on this list, they have gotten GTA02A5 in suspend
> using ~2.07mA @ 3.7v (fully charged batt).  If the GTA02 will have a 1200mAh
> battery, that's ~24 days of suspend runtime in a perfect world. 

No! Even in a "perfect world", GSM-BS is telling to MS a T321-timecycle to 
reregister. So you have to add to this figure some seconds of full TX-power 
consumption e.g. every 40min. (put any cellphone near a walkman for some 
hours, and you may hear...)
Please note that these things a controlled by BaseStation and dependent of 
current RF-quality (at least for MS-TX power), so you hardly will get 
reproduceable values with a simple test "on desktop".

Is there a RTC-Alarm in GTA02, to schedule the cron-jobs mentioned up-topic?


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