For reference, the numbers I came up with are for absolute minimum power
usage for GTA02.  These figures are still *very* preliminary, but I wanted
to convey the success of the last few weeks.  We should probably expect a
standby time closer to ~7 days, that way any improvement over this runtime
will be to our benefit.  As we all know, no lab environment or test bench
can account for all of the scenarios in the real world, making it very
difficult to approach "perfect world" operation.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 6:32 AM, joerg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Am Do  14. Februar 2008 schrieb Kyle Bassett:
> > I have been following the "Suspended Mode" thread in the kernel ML and
> they
> > have made amazing progress within the last week.  As GTA02A5 currently
> > stands, a "cold" suspend mode (just GSM in standby awaiting incoming
> > call/sms), could result in >20 days of standby!
> >
> > For those technical people on this list, they have gotten GTA02A5 in
> suspend
> > using ~2.07mA @ 3.7v (fully charged batt).  If the GTA02 will have a
> 1200mAh
> > battery, that's ~24 days of suspend runtime in a perfect world.
> No! Even in a "perfect world", GSM-BS is telling to MS a T321-timecycle to
> reregister. So you have to add to this figure some seconds of full
> TX-power
> consumption e.g. every 40min. (put any cellphone near a walkman for some
> hours, and you may hear...)
> Please note that these things a controlled by BaseStation and dependent of
> current RF-quality (at least for MS-TX power), so you hardly will get
> reproduceable values with a simple test "on desktop".
> Is there a RTC-Alarm in GTA02, to schedule the cron-jobs mentioned
> up-topic?
> cheers
> j
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