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> edje_decc (from edj-utils) the illume.edj file (enligtenment theme
> installed
> in /usr/share/enlightenment/data/themes). in the directory find the .edc
> file -
> edit. search for a comment string "don't look at me".  here are 3 of them.
> notice the line above i the same entry - just commented out with a
> different
> value. comment out the line with the "don't look at me" comment and
> the line above. you'll get a keyboard button. rebuild the file (build.sh or
> edje_cc file.edc) and copy the .edj file back on top of the original...
> restart
> E (killall -HUP enlightenment will do the job - along with a dozen other
> mechanisms... all but 1 disabled). :)

...and then post the results somewhere the user community can get it.
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