A similar situation in London. Apparently we have the most WiFi
hotspots in comparison to other cities [1] but you will have to pay to
use the majority of these as they are operated by telecos like BT.


I have a deal to use T-Mobile hotspots but never used them as I just
leave my device connected via 3G. The only time I switch to WiFi
outside my house is when I am at my local pub which has poor GSM
signal and free WiFI.

Having said that, the only application I tend to hammer the 3G on is
Internet radio. I like to chillax to KCRW on my commute!


2008/12/18 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <ras...@rasterman.com>:
>> Improving to 3G is therefore a "nice to have" for me. Not mandatory.
> here is where i'd disagree. i can walk down my street in sydney - 100% of wifi
> spots are locked (wep/wpa etc.) - no one opens them. yopur choice is "spotty"
> wifi hotspots you have to pay for. the other option is 3g (umts/hsdpa etc.)
> which has pretty good coverage most areas in urban settings - even outside. i
> think there seems to be some assumption that wifi is so widespread in urban
> areas (and it comes at a cost equal to or cheaper than 3g datarates). this is
> not the case in australia. not to mention the datarates for 3g are MUCH less
> than 2g - they give you a discount for 3g data, but for 2g, it's rap you silly
> per kilobyte. why? the phone network's 2g data setup was NOT designed for 
> heavy
> data usage - it's being abused for data and that impacts call quality and the
> providers will appropriately price the service based on the network ability to
> provide. so 3g is reasonable. for 2g i will never pay for it as its 
> outragoeus.
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