On Wed, 2015-10-07 at 21:21 -0700, Naveen Singh wrote:
> I have few questions about service state transition to failure:
> 1. Can service state transition to Failure w/o generating an error event? I
> am seeing that WiFi connection is not going through even if the AP is found
> in scan. I dumped the service properties and I see that state is Failure
> but Event is a NULL string.

When a service goes to state 'failure', it's an indication that none of
the other properties for that service should be considered valid. It may
happen that the current implementation does not send updates for any of
its properties after a transition to 'failure', not even the Error
property. Report to the mailing list if this happens and the level of
frustration associated so we'll take a look.

> 2. We are handling the error property event by clearing the error property.
> This clears the error property and service state to Idle

The Error property is actually specified read only in
doc/service-api.txt. The current code in ConnMan allows the service
property to be cleared, which is a bug. But the state is still 'failure'
for the service after clearing the property, so no state transitions
will take place.

> 3. Even after the error event is cleared we do see a service property
> change event for State (transitioning to failure).

Yes. Only the 'Error' property got cleared, not the state transition.

> 4. Is it advisable to handle the service property change event for state
> (transitioning to failure) same way as we handle the service property
> change event for error.

State transition to failure causes all properties to become invalid and
should be the one to follow. The 'Error' property may try to explain
what happened, but usually the information is not very well suited for
UIs. ConnMan might not announce the 'Error' property explicitly in all
cases of failure; see above.



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