On Thu, 2015-10-08 at 13:25 -0700, Naveen Singh wrote:

> I looked into the code and the documentation and I do not see any way for
> service to go back to idle (even clearing the error property). I am not
> sure how devices which are supposed to auto-connect handle this?

This all works as intended. ConnMan will run autoconnect internally, and
if a service fails to connect it is excluded the next time autoconnect
is run. Internally from ConnMan's perspective, what would be the use of
retrying a service if it is already known to fail?

That the service is being excluded from autoconnect is a temporary
setting and will be cleared once the service is connected successfully
or the service disappears and reappears again. As autoconnect is not
reconnecting a failed service, it means that an outside action needs to
call Connect() via D-Bus. The rationale here is that at this point the
user may have corrected something or knows otherwise that a connection
will now succeed. ConnMan will retry to connect the service via its
autoconnect mechanism if the service has been removed by wpa_supplicant
and re-detected later on; as said the failure state has thereby been
forgotten. So yes, ConnMan will retry every now and then even when only
relying on its autoconnect mechanism.

> Only the error property is allowed to clear which does not change the
> state. Even the state is specified read only in the documentation.



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